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How Is Design Important In The Industrial World?

When we mention design, we usually think about web design, fashion or something similar. We rarely think about industrial manufactory. We never imagine that we need a design for a faucet, lock or similar things. We do not even pay attention how according which principle we buy things for our house. The thing is that the key word when it comes to house shopping is design. We are often attracted by design itself. More often experts spend a lot of effort to design a product that will catch customer’s eye.

How has design improved industrial manufactory?

DesignWhen people started to make cars the most important thing was its functionality. It was the same principle with other parts of this branch. Everything was produced for usage. Functionality was main requirements for every product. As the years pass by and the market became too crowded with merciless competitors that had to find the way to sell the product, the design came to the first place. Big companies realized that easier is to sell the well-designed product because the first thing that customer can see is the surface of the product, that is, its design.

Design as the special department of industrial manufactory

Industrial-ManufactoryAs the product of the market industry has started to invest in design and nowadays every bigger company that wants to be at top 10 on the market, has its department, which main task it is to make the perfect design of the product that won’t affect its functionality. This is especially developed in the car industry. You will notice when you are reading a car announce that most of them start with a perfect design or streamline design. Almost every single announcer car enhances the design and put it in the first place, and everything is served with a lot of pictures from various angles.

We can neglect design, but it won’t neglect us. It will affect our productivity and our business, and this is the main reason why famous companies constantly invest into this department and consider it as the most important one.


Industrial Design: Tips For Beginners

On a basic level, the design is an artform just like any other. While artists have to convey an abstract, general message through their art, designers have to create products which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Another difficult task designers have is to bring closer the interests of the final user and the manufacturer at the same time. They have to satisfy the needs of the consumers while making it cheap and easy product to manufacture.

Beat your first obstacle – your customerIndustrial-Engineers

Believe it or not, your worst enemy is your customer. Being an industrial engineer is tough because you have to balance your creativity with the demands of the science. Being practical and imaginative at the same time can be a very demanding job. Sometimes it is exhausting, and it requires a lot of thinking. You can spend nights trying to put these specifications together. On the other hand, you need to make your customer satisfied. If you want to succeed in this, you need to give your customer what he or she needs, not what they want. The reason why this often happens is the fact that they are not aware of their product possibility. The same problem developers have with their customers.

Start from practical and then improve it with design

You will achieve nothing if you make something that is useless.That is why the first requirement you need to treat as your first step is functionality. After you’ve done with it, you can think about design. Here it is very important to try to make it simple. Sometimes this can be the hardest part especially if your customer does not know that he wants. As you have sometimes noticed everything is about your ability to persuade people that their idea of the future product is not the best one. Here you need to be well-skilled in communication with people. You need to be assertive and still not to give in to client’s desires. You need to be very flexible and resourceful.


Improve The Design Of Your Engineering Products

Many young engineers show a tendency to make mistakes. Mistakes during the design process can often be as costly and as dangerous as the ones during the production process. Mistakes like these are normal for inexperienced workers, clearly, but many of these mistakes can be avoided with a little bit of effort. Most of the errors in design come from the conviction that actual multitasking is possible.

A lot of young, ambitious industrial designers and engineers believe that their abilities are better than they are. They try to do too many things at once and this, in most cases, leads to mistakes. Of course, the pace of the modern world forces them to multi-task, but this practice is not good. We will help you overcome the potential problems which can arise during the design process and improve the quality of your creations.

Key points to implement

EngineeringA good starting point, before you start designing, is to create quality-control checklists. This way you will be able to reduce the number of errors. You will not miss that many details, reduce design errors and, consequently, save money and time. The next step is to widen this practice to the whole company and implement this practice as an obligatory measure.Over time, after applying these measures, you will see evident progress when it comes to your confidence levels. The safety nets you set up to minimize risk will payoff. You will deliver quality products, right on time.

Another good strategy which always produces good results is continuous education. Sending your employees (and yourself, of course) to international seminars is never a bad approach. You will keep up with the latest advances in your field, learn about new ideas and understand the modern trends.

Learn from your mistakes. Make sure you make a not about every error you find in your design. This way you will know the points at which mistake happen most often, and you will know how to avoid them.  You will also develop new, positive habits. You will spot possible errors in advance, knowing how to stay out of the danger zone.

Creativity is the keyCreativity

Avoiding mistakes will give you more time to think outside of the box. You will do the repetitive, monotonous tasks quickly. Hence you will have more time to approach the problem creatively and offer the best you have.